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SkM44.h File Reference
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struct  SkV2
struct  SkV3
struct  SkV4
class  SkM44
 4x4 matrix used by SkCanvas and other parts of Skia. More...


SkM44 Sk3LookAt (const SkV3 &eye, const SkV3 &center, const SkV3 &up)
SkM44 Sk3Perspective (float near, float far, float angle)

Function Documentation

◆ Sk3LookAt()

SkM44 Sk3LookAt ( const SkV3 eye,
const SkV3 center,
const SkV3 up 

◆ Sk3Perspective()

SkM44 Sk3Perspective ( float  near,
float  far,
float  angle