2D Graphics Library
SkTextBlobBuilder::RunBuffer Struct Reference

#include <SkTextBlob.h>

Public Member Functions

SkPointpoints () const
SkRSXformxforms () const

Public Attributes

 storage for glyphs in run More...
 storage for positions in run More...
char * utf8text
 reserved for future use More...
uint32_t * clusters
 reserved for future use More...

Detailed Description

RunBuffer supplies storage for glyphs and positions within a run.

A run is a sequence of glyphs sharing font metrics and positioning. Each run may position its glyphs in one of three ways: by specifying where the first glyph is drawn, and allowing font metrics to determine the advance to subsequent glyphs; by specifying a baseline, and the position on that baseline for each glyph in run; or by providing SkPoint array, one per glyph.

Member Function Documentation

◆ points()

SkPoint* SkTextBlobBuilder::RunBuffer::points ( ) const

◆ xforms()

SkRSXform* SkTextBlobBuilder::RunBuffer::xforms ( ) const

Member Data Documentation

◆ clusters

uint32_t* SkTextBlobBuilder::RunBuffer::clusters

reserved for future use

◆ glyphs

SkGlyphID* SkTextBlobBuilder::RunBuffer::glyphs

storage for glyphs in run

◆ pos

SkScalar* SkTextBlobBuilder::RunBuffer::pos

storage for positions in run

◆ utf8text

char* SkTextBlobBuilder::RunBuffer::utf8text

reserved for future use

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