2D Graphics Library
GrFlushInfo Struct Reference

Struct to supply options to flush calls. More...

#include <GrTypes.h>

Public Attributes

GrFlushFlags fFlags = kNone_GrFlushFlags
int fNumSemaphores = 0
GrBackendSemaphorefSignalSemaphores = nullptr
GrGpuFinishedProc fFinishedProc = nullptr
GrGpuFinishedContext fFinishedContext = nullptr

Detailed Description

Struct to supply options to flush calls.

After issuing all commands, fNumSemaphore semaphores will be signaled by the gpu. The client passes in an array of fNumSemaphores GrBackendSemaphores. In general these GrBackendSemaphore's can be either initialized or not. If they are initialized, the backend uses the passed in semaphore. If it is not initialized, a new semaphore is created and the GrBackendSemaphore object is initialized with that semaphore.

The client will own and be responsible for deleting the underlying semaphores that are stored and returned in initialized GrBackendSemaphore objects. The GrBackendSemaphore objects themselves can be deleted as soon as this function returns.

If a finishedProc is provided, the finishedProc will be called when all work submitted to the gpu from this flush call and all previous flush calls has finished on the GPU. If the flush call fails due to an error and nothing ends up getting sent to the GPU, the finished proc is called immediately.

Member Data Documentation

◆ fFinishedContext

GrGpuFinishedContext GrFlushInfo::fFinishedContext = nullptr

◆ fFinishedProc

GrGpuFinishedProc GrFlushInfo::fFinishedProc = nullptr

◆ fFlags

GrFlushFlags GrFlushInfo::fFlags = kNone_GrFlushFlags

◆ fNumSemaphores

int GrFlushInfo::fNumSemaphores = 0

◆ fSignalSemaphores

GrBackendSemaphore* GrFlushInfo::fSignalSemaphores = nullptr

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