2D Graphics Library
SkShader::GradientInfo Struct Reference

#include <SkShader.h>

Public Attributes

int fColorCount
 In-out parameter, specifies passed size. More...
 The colors in the gradient. More...
 The unit offset for color transitions. More...
SkPoint fPoint [2]
 Type specific, see above. More...
SkScalar fRadius [2]
 Type specific, see above. More...
SkTileMode fTileMode
uint32_t fGradientFlags
 see SkGradientShader::Flags More...

Member Data Documentation

◆ fColorCount

int SkShader::GradientInfo::fColorCount

In-out parameter, specifies passed size.

◆ fColorOffsets

SkScalar* SkShader::GradientInfo::fColorOffsets

The unit offset for color transitions.

◆ fColors

SkColor* SkShader::GradientInfo::fColors

The colors in the gradient.

◆ fGradientFlags

uint32_t SkShader::GradientInfo::fGradientFlags

◆ fPoint

SkPoint SkShader::GradientInfo::fPoint[2]

Type specific, see above.

◆ fRadius

SkScalar SkShader::GradientInfo::fRadius[2]

Type specific, see above.

◆ fTileMode

SkTileMode SkShader::GradientInfo::fTileMode

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