2D Graphics Library
SkPixmap Member List

This is the complete list of members for SkPixmap, including all inherited members.

addr() constSkPixmapinline
addr(int x, int y) constSkPixmapinline
addr16() constSkPixmapinline
addr16(int x, int y) constSkPixmapinline
addr32() constSkPixmapinline
addr32(int x, int y) constSkPixmapinline
addr64() constSkPixmapinline
addr64(int x, int y) constSkPixmapinline
addr8() constSkPixmapinline
addr8(int x, int y) constSkPixmapinline
addrF16() constSkPixmapinline
addrF16(int x, int y) constSkPixmapinline
alphaType() constSkPixmapinline
bounds() constSkPixmapinline
colorSpace() constSkPixmapinline
colorType() constSkPixmapinline
computeByteSize() constSkPixmapinline
computeIsOpaque() constSkPixmap
dimensions() constSkPixmapinline
erase(SkColor color, const SkIRect &subset) constSkPixmap
erase(SkColor color) constSkPixmapinline
erase(const SkColor4f &color, const SkIRect *subset=nullptr) constSkPixmapinline
erase(const SkColor4f &color, SkColorSpace *cs, const SkIRect *subset=nullptr) constSkPixmap
extractSubset(SkPixmap *subset, const SkIRect &area) constSkPixmap
getAlphaf(int x, int y) constSkPixmap
getColor(int x, int y) constSkPixmap
height() constSkPixmapinline
info() constSkPixmapinline
isOpaque() constSkPixmapinline
readPixels(const SkImageInfo &dstInfo, void *dstPixels, size_t dstRowBytes) constSkPixmapinline
readPixels(const SkImageInfo &dstInfo, void *dstPixels, size_t dstRowBytes, int srcX, int srcY) constSkPixmap
readPixels(const SkPixmap &dst, int srcX, int srcY) constSkPixmapinline
readPixels(const SkPixmap &dst) constSkPixmapinline
refColorSpace() constSkPixmapinline
reset(const SkImageInfo &info, const void *addr, size_t rowBytes)SkPixmap
reset(const SkMask &mask)SkPixmap
rowBytes() constSkPixmapinline
rowBytesAsPixels() constSkPixmapinline
scalePixels(const SkPixmap &dst, const SkSamplingOptions &) constSkPixmap
setColorSpace(sk_sp< SkColorSpace > colorSpace)SkPixmap
shiftPerPixel() constSkPixmapinline
SkPixmap(const SkImageInfo &info, const void *addr, size_t rowBytes)SkPixmapinline
SkPixmapPriv classSkPixmapfriend
width() constSkPixmapinline
writable_addr() constSkPixmapinline
writable_addr(int x, int y) constSkPixmapinline
writable_addr16(int x, int y) constSkPixmapinline
writable_addr32(int x, int y) constSkPixmapinline
writable_addr64(int x, int y) constSkPixmapinline
writable_addr8(int x, int y) constSkPixmapinline
writable_addrF16(int x, int y) constSkPixmapinline